Keep Feet Healthy and Happy

Cork is the environmentally friendly renewable bark from a cork oak tree that grows primarily around the Mediterranean Sea. It is stripped from the tree every nine years without damage to the tree. Due to the unique characteristics of cork, the bark is used for a large variety of products ranging from wine corks to floor tiles to gaskets. Cork is light in weight and floats, soft but durable, expandable and flexible. It is moisture resistant yet allows some absorption. It insulates, isolates, absorbs sound and vibrations, and is anti-static. There is no other material – natural or man-made – that possesses all of these qualities.

Modern casual/dress shoes and sandals

The combination of all of the natural characteristics of cork makes cork the ideal material used for the production of cork shoes. It is said that cork was worn by man as far back as the 14 th century. Even then man understood that the soft but durable bark from the cork oak made for comfortable yet protective padding underfoot. The firm, resilient cork base provides the support needed to walk further without fatigue. Naturally over the centuries improved technology in both the shoe and cork industries have resulted in cork being adapted to modern footwear needs. Continued research into foot care has demonstrated that cork footbeds and insoles are the best products for maintaining healthy feet. Walking on cork shoes is not only comfortable underfoot but throughout the body. Lower back pain is often a result of poor footwear. Cork shoes absorb impact shock experienced whenever one is walking. Modern casual/dress shoes and sandals built on generous natural cork footbeds alleviate shock from impact, protecting bones and joints. They soften the impact to the feet as well as the rest of the body. Whether walking or standing for prolonged time, cork provides flexible arch support throughout a long day. Today the vast majority of high end orthopedic shoes are produced with cork components.

Hindustan Cork offers cork footbeds for shoes and sandals, stylish and modern, and possessing all the cork qualities to make for healthy and happy feet. The footware styles change as fashion dictates but the comfort and properties of the cork remain.