Cork is a natural and ideal closure material for any bottle of wine. It has been used for over 2.000 years ago.Cork stoppers are the best-known application for cork.

Cork Stoppers are specially recommended for air-tight closure. Qualities like impermeability, resilience, odourless, tasteless and resistance to deterioration through age or chemical activity, are remarkable. Whenever you taste a special wine, it’s surely protected by a cork stopper. Cork stoppers keep the excellence, the taste and the aroma of a special wine.


Agglomerated Cork Stopper

The Agglomerated Cork Stopper, comprising an agglomerated cork body and agglomerative products, is ideal for wines for early consumption. It meets the need for a conciliation between factors such as price and good performance perfectly.

Micro Agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Micro agglomerated cork stoppers are manufactured from natural cork granules in accordance of the standards of the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices (ICCSMP). The micro agglomerated cork stopper joins the unique characteristics of the cork material with a very rigorous manufacturing process allowing achieve great levels of mechanical, sensorial and microbiological properties.

Natural Cork Stopper

The most highly regarded cork stopper, a top-of-the-range product for the best wines. Ideal closure for Icon and Premium wines, which may need to age in the bottle, even though it can be used in all types of wines. The Natural Cork stopper satisfies the expectations of the world’s leading winemakers and the most sophisticated wine lovers.

Tapered Cork Stopper (Natural & Agglomerated)

We offers the highest quality of regular, short, extra long, extra extra long tapered corks in xx, xxx, xxxx, and extra select grades. Custom manufacturing or higher quality cork is available by special request. Tapered sizes can be gotten in agglomerates. Boring / Drilling, Partway Boring.